Bioactive Molecules Australasia

This issue is comprised of a collection of 18 research articles from authors across Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) a region that has a long and celebrated history of research excellence in the areas of bioactive molecule discovery and synthesis. The research presented in these articles showcases some of the cutting edge research in Australasia in the broad areas of … Continue reading Bioactive Molecules Australasia

Total Synthesis of Ecumicin

The first total synthesis of the potent anti-mycobacterial cyclic depsipeptide natural product ecumicin is described. Synthesis was achieved via a solid-phase strategy, incorporating the synthetic non-proteinogenic amino acids N-methyl-4-methoxy-l-tryptophan and threo-β-hydroxy-l-phenylalanine into the growing linear peptide chain. The synthesis employed key on-resin esterification and dimethylation steps as well as a final macrolactamization between the unusual … Continue reading Total Synthesis of Ecumicin