We are currently looking to recruit talented and committed scientists. If you are interested in working in the Payne research group then please feel free to contact us (richard.payne@sydney.edu.au).


Undergraduate Honours Projects

Several honours projects are available every year in the group. Please contact us by e-mail to arrange a meeting to discuss projects.

PhD Positions

A PhD position is available starting in 2020 for an outstanding candidate (Australian or international). Please contact us directly (richard.payne@sydney.edu.au) if you are interested in starting a PhD in the group and provide a CV, cover letter and the details of at least two referees in your email.

The University of Sydney has a number of scholarships to support local (Australian and NZ) and international scholarships. A link to scholarships available at the University of Sydney is here:
Other PhD scholarships for international students can be found here:


Postdoctoral Research Positions

Positions will be advertised when funding is available; however, please contact us if you intend to apply for your own funding. Here are some useful links to postdoctoral fellowships in your own countries.

Scholarships available to Postdoctoral Research Fellows: